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Alphabet Tracing Board

Country of Origin

Our multifunctional and reversible alphabet board offers writing practice for both Uppercase and Lowercase alphabets. Can be used with play dough, nature findings, finger tracing, and more. 

Includes Stylus

 Using play dough, natural materials, the child's finger to trace, and other loose parts with the board will help the child explore letters before being ready to read or write. You can even use the board for crayon rubbing.

For the child who is learning to read and write (over 4/5), you can use flashcards or letter cards to write the alphabet, have the child practice drawing the alphabet with the stylus, and explore the phonic sounds while tracing. Of course, a child over 4/5 can also participate in the activities above for younger children too.

Approx Dimensions: 16" (40.5cm) X 9.25" (23.5cm) 

Proudly Canadian-made with sustainably sourced Canadian Maple and finished with FDA-approved non-toxic food-safe Linseed Oil. Due to the nature of natural wood, there will be colour and grain variations and no two products will be alike.