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Rain Gear

I was inspired to import and create this rain gear collection because I had trouble finding rain pants for my eldest. I wanted practical and funcitonal rain gear that I could mix and match to cover all the possibilities.

A little bit rainy? Just the coat. Really rainy? Both pieces. Muddy? Just the pants. Winter but not cold? Use the pants with a winter coat.

Our Rain Gear is from Europe, where they size based on your child's height. Check the sizing tab for a rough guide from height measurements to age.

CeLaVi is a European Forest School Favourite for a reason. CeLaVi is a Danish brand that is created with focus on well-being. It should be great fun to be a ”real mischief-maker”, who lives, plays, and explores in all kinds of weather.

Washing Instructions

  • The Washing Instructions from CeLaVi indicate that these can be washed in the washing machine at a MAX of 40C.
  • We'd recommend attempting to spot clean with a soft cloth and some soap in the bathtub before attempting the washing machine.
  • No Fabric Softener should be used.
  • Powdered detergent is preferrable to liquid detergent, as liquid detergents can include components that will stick the fabric, reducing the waterproof and breathability.
  • Hang to dry.
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