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I'm Jana in Toronto, Canada. I'm mom to two tiny humans. I'm a knitter, a spinner, and a quilter. My goal in life is to surround the people and places around me in things made with love. I curate the clothing and brands that we carry here at Modern Rascals with the same focus.

Modern Rascals stems from my desire to find brightly coloured clothes and fun patterns for my first born. I had trouble finding what I was looking for here in North America.

My hunt from Canada for organic children’s clothing from ethical companies practicing sustainable fashion, sent me on many a late night search until I found what I was looking for in Europe. Companies that made clothes that children can play in and that work for everyone. Dresses with constellations and shirts with rainbow stripes. And made ethically out of organic material to boot.

In an era of disposable fashion, it can be shocking to see some of our prices. We work with and import brands that provide adults with a living wage, and that make fantastic quality clothing. These are clothes that are well made and are meant to last through all the play your child's heart desires *and* still be in great condition to be passed down to a younger sibling or friend.

I started buying things just for us back in 2012. Then people started stopping us on the street to ask where I'd found a specific item of clothing. When I was pregnant with my second I knew that I needed out of the grind of my corporate job. And so here we are with the launch of Modern Rascals in 2016, bringing you fun, gender neutral kids clothes that will let your little one play the day away (and be good for your conscience).

Read about the Brands that we're importing to Canada.

You can keep in touch and see what we're up to below:

Thank you for your ongoing support!

- Jana

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