Villervalla at Modern Rascals Available in Canada and the US


Villervalla is a Swedish brand with strong values. They stand for joy, optimism and equality. Villervalla is known for their colorful and playful children’s clothes. They create comfortable, stylish, durable and fun clothes.

Villervalla is a magical world. A world created of colorful fantasies and liberating childishness. A world where games and adventure never end. A world where every child can join in, where every child is welcome. So step into the magical world of Villervalla - a world where children are always children. 

Villervalla has a strong focus on Social Responsibility. Their Chinese and Indian suppliers are certified BCSI and their Turkish supplier follow the Sedex-code. These different certifications ensure that the factories employ ethical business practices when it comes to the welfare and safety of their employees, as well as offering reasonable work hours and wages. To read more about the BCSI Code of Conduct, follow the link below:

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178 results