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Let's talk sizing.

First, the most important thing. Measure your kiddo from the top of their head to the floor (in centimeters). Generally a year is roughly 6 cm in height.

Second, you know your kiddo best. Are they slim, average, sturdy? Are they tall or small? Are they all torso or all legs? 


Most of the European brands have sizing based on the height of your kiddo. I've converted those heights into age ranges for ease of understanding, so you'll see a size option that would show '5 - 6 years (116cm)'. This means that this item would generally fit what we would think of as a 5-6 year age range, or up until the child is 116cm in height.

Different brands can also have different ranges of heights/sizes, so you may need to browse through a few different ranges to see everything that might work for your kiddo.

  • For example, DUNS Sweden runs in one year age ranges (or 6cm)
  • Maxomorra and KuKuKid run in two year age ranges, for example from 2-4 years (104cm) or 4-6 years (116cm)
  • Moromini and Raspberry Republic also run in two year age ranges that are offset, for example from 3-5 years (110cm) and 5-7 years (128cm)

For brands that have two year age ranges, the fit may feel large when your child is at the bottom end of the range.

Okay, but how do Brands compare?

From personal experience and feedback from our customers, we've created a handy graphic that covers some our biggest brands and those that run either small or generous.
Modern Rascals Fit Comparison by Brand

Where I have personal experience, I've made a note about fit on the product page.

  • For example, the More Than A Fling leggings are slim fitting, but their baggy pants are... well... baggy and we've had to go down a size in order to have them fit our slim son's waist.

Size Charts

Each brand has different ranges, so we've summarized them below for you! When we summarize age ranges, we show the beginning and end of the range. For example, Kukukid's 110/116 size includes both the 110cm (5 year) and 116cm (6 year) sizes - so we include this in the 4 - 6 year (116cm) age range.

 North American Sizing European Sizing
6 months 68 cm
9 months 74 cm
12 months 80 cm
18 months 86 cm
24 months 92 cm
3 years 98 cm
4 years 104 cm
5 years 110 cm
6 years 116 cm
7 years 122 cm
8 years 128 cm
9 years 134 cm
10 years  140 cm
11 years 146 cm
12 years 152 cm
13 years 158 cm
14 years 164 cm