Beb & Ooo

Do you question why some trousers have had bows sewn on at the ankles that would otherwise be perfectly unisex? Ponder if there really is that much demand for glittery t-shirts? Wonder why clothes for boys over the age of one suddenly reduce to a colour palette of blue, khaki and grey? Ever wanted to break open the multi-pack of baby grows to just buy the one with the fun print? Donned a biro to colour in some pink stitching or questioned why Scandinavian children have the nicest choice of clothes?

We are twin sisters, Beth & Lucy (our brother called us Beb & Ooo growing up). We hope that we can provide you with the same thing we are looking for; fun, colourful, practical, individual clothes that are gender neutral & can be worn by boys or girls. Plus they are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Beb & Ooo
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