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Raven Series: I Spy Raven

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Watch as six little insects keep an eye on Raven as he settles in to go to sleep. The sky darkens and the stars come out only to reveal something very big at the end.

Educator & Series Information
This book is part of the Raven Series, a set of six books written for the emergent reader and learner. Each book focuses on a specific learning intention that builds on strengthening learning with the support of an adult.

A Little Note about Rhyming and Perspective:
Learning rhyme is a foundational skill and this book provides opportunity to explore rhythm, rhyme and visual perspective. A learner’s ability to recognize words that rhyme will support them as they begin to learn word families later on. A simple word family is the “at” family: bat, cat, hat, mat etc. When a learner can recognize the rhyming sounds, or words, they can begin to anticipate the text. As well, a learner’s ability to understand visual perspective allows them to understand the storyline deeper. The visual perspective changes under a magnifying glass.

Additional Information
16 pages | Dimensions: 10" x 14" |