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The Little Omo's Wholefood Puzzles

Puzzle One
Puzzle Two

 The puzzle that doesn't include an apple or banana, it's time to make it the norm to introduce children to a variety of whole foods from exotic fruits, vegetables, plants and legumes. The wholefood puzzles doesn't only help your child with developing their motor skills but also  it can entice your child to want to using some of their senses, to discover something new they have never seen, smelt or touched before. Both puzzles are beautifully handmade here in the UK and made from FSC wood.

It can be a great way to start a conversation with your child about where the foods originate from, this is a great way to introduce different cultures to your child. 

Size W: 29cm  L: 22.5cm
Puzzle pieces: 7 


Age Safety Rating: 3+ years