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Pasta for Baby - High Contrast Art Cards

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Pasta for Baby High-Contrast Art Cards feature charming, playful silhouettes of pasta shapes and repeating patterns designed to captivate even the youngest soon-to-be chefs and are a fun and exciting way to play with infants and babies. Ten durable, baby-friendly, double-sided 5” inch square flash cards contain twenty unique black and white patterns of various pasta and noodles shapes. A modern and fun twist on an educational toy!
From the very first days of life, newborns and children ages 1-3-6-9-12+ months are naturally drawn toward bold, repetitive, clear designs. Looking at high-contrast items is a fantastic way to stimulate a baby’s brain, foster concentration, and nurture their sense of sight. Art cards are great baby toys to engage and bond with children or to support independent play during tummy time; just attach to a baby play gym or place them alongside baby floor mat, playmat, or dock a tot.