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Pasta Baby Gift Bundle

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Do you know a kid who is only into perfectly timed macaroni? Or an expecting parent who can never get enough pasta to satisfy their cravings? Or perhaps you just can't decide which BlueMilk gift to give?

The Pasta Baby Gift Bundle is the perfect gift for current and future foodies and features some of our most popular pieces. Beautifully curated pasta-themed box includes three instant classics friends and family will love! Paired with a cute and personalized note card, Pasta Baby Gift Bundle is a cute and practical baby gift.

Includes - Little Book of Pasta: A rhythmic, short and sweet baby book that explores the curious world of noodles, beyond macaroni. Take infants, toddlers, and young children through a charming introduction to pasta shapes with expressive illustrations, clever poems, and playful type. Discover and discuss colors, shapes, textures, origins, rhyming, and phonics. A great length for mealtime or bedtime, packed with vibrant colors and diverse characters, this char

12-month infant baby bodysuit. This darling modern infant jumper is perfect for present and future foodies, printed on supremely soft cotton using a high-quality direct-to-garment (DTG) process, allowing the design to naturally blend into the fabric, making it long-lasting and very soft to the touch.