Our Packaging Philosophy

 At Modern Rascals we pride ourselves on putting a great deal of thought into running a company that produces as little waste as possible.  Every detail from our minimal-waste packaging, to how we dispose of waste is taken into consideration.  Creating a greener future for generations to come is an integral part of our operation.  Here’s how we take strides to reduce our carbon footprint. 


Our clothing is shipped in poly mailers that contain 80 – 100% recycled material.  These envelopes have double tear strips, allowing them to be used a second time.  Due to the large land mass of North America, orders can be in the mail system anywhere from 1 – 14 days, and may be at the mercy of inclement weather.  To ensure clothing arrives undamaged, it’s important to be packaged in a water-resistant material. We are also trialing compostable mailers to see if we can make the switch.  For more information on the challenges of garment delivery, please refer to this article from Patagonia: https://www.patagonia.com/blog/2014/07/patagonias-plastic-packaging-a-study-on-the-challenges-of-garment-delivery/

We remove clothing items from their plastic packaging, and pay out of pocket to recycle of it through a company called TerraCycle.  Not everywhere in North America offers a recycling program that accepts polybags.  With this knowledge in mind, it made sense for us to take the extra step to ensure these items are disposed of responsibly. We are also working with vendors to ship our orders without poly bags to begin with.

We offer a local pick-up option, which we encourage customers in Toronto to take advantage of.  Rather than use a poly mailer and shipping label, we place your order in a recycled paper bag.  We like to go the extra mile, and sometimes even deliver orders straight to your doorstep!  


If your order arrives in a box, we guarantee it has been used at least once before (you may have noticed our note indicating so), and is sealed in recycled material tape.  Many of our toy orders are shipped in bright pink PUR Gum boxes, which have been purchased second hand.  There is a large stockpile of boxes and paper in the warehouse waiting to be repurposed – it also doubles as a fun hiding place for kids when they come to visit! If your box arrives with some extra art it's because our kiddos have been in MRHQ with us.

Any plastic air cushions, bubble wrap or paper included in your order have been saved from our own personal orders and brought into work to be re-used.  We strive to minimize the use of these items, but more delicate items tend to require added cushioning.  We also use size-appropriate packaging material.  If your order contains only a few items, we won’t send it out in bulky, excessive packaging.  

Sometimes a special occasion may prompt the use of gift wrap.  This is generally kraft paper, re-used paper, or thrifted tissue paper/gift wrap.  It’s not overly practical to wrap oversized items in wasteful packaging, so we make do with the materials at our disposal.  We avoid the use of ribbons and bows, which despite being pretty, are highly wasteful.

Overall, the amount of waste we generate in the warehouse is astonishingly small.  We are always looking for ways to operate in a more environmentally-friendly way, and welcome your suggestions and feedback.  Thank you for working with us to create a brighter future!