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Stockmar Colours of the World Beeswax Stick Crayons - 8 Colours

Country of Origin
Stockmar offers this set of skin tones that can be blended to create new colours. Children are sure to have plenty of ideas about what to draw. No matter whether they prefer to color pictures of themselves, their best friends, families, as well as animals, landscapes. Or they would rather illustrate stories from this and other worlds. These colors match harmoniously with the other Stockmar crayon colours as well as other Stockmar paints and colour pencils for fun mixed media projects. Also available in a block crayon assortment.

tin case, 8 stick crayons, length: 8,3 cm, diameter: 12mm, with scraper, 8 assorted colors

color: 03 orange | 13 rust | 14 yellow brown | 15 black | 20 yellow ochre | 22 umbra | 24 pink | 34 pearl pink