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Clixo Tiny and Mighty Pack

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Age / Safety Rating
Age: Safety Rating: 3+ years due to magnets
Care Guide

There are many different ways to clean your Clixo pieces. You can use a damp cloth to wipe them down or stick them in a dishwasher. For extra peace of mind, they can also be sanitized with an Isopropyl alcohol solution (70%) and wiped down with a soft cloth (but it’s not necessary).


Clixo pieces are made from recyclable and durable synthetic paper with strong-embedded magnets for maximum safety. The materials are proprietary, kid-safe (non-toxic), and specially developed for our brand. Safety is a priority for Clixo, and all Clixo products have passed numerous laboratory tests and are compliant with federal toy safety standards, including ASTM, EN71, and California’s Proposition 65. Our packaging is made from recycled bamboo and is sustainably manufactured.

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Brand Information

Play is serious business. It can spark curiosity and self-expression, and help us break free from perfectionism. When done right, play is magic. At Clixo, we believe everyone deserves magic in their lives. Our mission is to make that possible.

These 9 pieces of our signature Quad shape can make numerous clever creations. Whether you snap a snake, click a crown, roll a ball, or stack the shapes – a world of fun discoveries is in this pocket-sized-wonder pack!

Clixo are lightweight, fit in your hand, are flexible, and have strong magnetics for more stable builds.

It’s easy and simple! Connect different shapes and pieces together by snapping the red and blue magnets together. The pieces are also flexible and can be curved differently to make different designs.

Many factors make Clixo infinitely unique. Unlike other building sets on the market, Clixo pieces are flexible and don’t require a flat surface to build or play. The pieces also stack easily and pack light to make it easier for kids to play with or wear on the go. Strong, durable magnets enable kids to stick it to any magnetic surface for even more play possibilities. Lastly, cleanup is a snap – just stack the pieces up, and you’re all done!