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Mader Roly-Poly - Stripe

Age / Safety Rating
Age: 1+ years
Care Guide

Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface clean

Country of Origin
Brand Information

Mader has been producing hand-turned and hand-painted traditionally since 1991 in Austria. They exclusively use regional (local) precious and hardwoods.

Mader's goal is to produce "durable toys with people and materials from home that promote children worldwide and make collector's eyes shine. Thus we create antiques for the future.”

The base of this roly-poly top is weighted so that little ones can knock it over and watch it pop back up! Its chunky size is perfect for little hands.

Made of maple and beech wood.

Diameter: 75mm
Age Rating: 8+ months

Made in Austria using strict European toy standards. All dyes/stains are certified non-toxic.

About Mader:

Mader kreiselmanufaktur from Austria are some of the nicest tops made today. Their spinning tops have up to 20 different steps before they are complete, the tops are turned, burned, embossed, carved, brushed, painted and varnished. Each top is made from a single piece of wood and is then hand painted in beautiful color combinations.