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Neon Fish Marbles - Mini Box

Age / Safety Rating
Age: 5+ years - Warning - small parts are a choking hazard


Country of Origin
Mexico (marbles) and France (packaging)

Box of 25 marbles

This little aquatic box contains 3 types of marbles in the colors of the little Neon fish: light blue, pink, transparent iridescent blue and red agate.
A colorful opportunity to learn all about this mini inhabitant of South American waters, which has made its home in many aquariums around the world.

Set of 25 Neon Fish marbles containing 3 varieties of marbles:
25 16mm marbles

  • Product designed and assembled in France – Marbles made in Mexico
  • Composition: 69% glass – 3% plastic – 28% paper and cardboard
  • Complies with CE and ASTM/CPSIA standards
  • Use from 3 years (Europe) or 5 years (USA)


Age Recommendation: 5+ years (small parts are a choking hazard)


  • Marbles selected from among the most beautiful in the world, sorted and arranged by hand
  • Colorful and thematic assemblies, in playful and graphic universes


  • Contemplate, marvel, meditate
  • Reconnect with the materiality of the world with a screenless game
  • Play in a context conductive to the expression of the imagination


  • Organize to structure thought, develop memory
  • Develop an aesthetic vocabulary (colors, shapes, textures)
  • Stimulate the imagination, promote poetic correspondences
  • Exercise motor skills, agility, dexterity


  • French concept and design
  • Shaping and handcrafting in France, at Atelier B&Co (colored papers and storage of marbles)
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Cardboard box, paper compartments, glass balls: Natural materials are in the spotlight!
  • Marbles are made in Mexico