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Radish - Blushing Bride Short Sleeve Shirt

Fit Advice

Note: These are made with an organic single jersey fabric. The fabric has less stretch. You may want to consider going up a size if your kiddo prefers a looser fit.

Size Chart
Care Guide

Wash at 40C, air dry or dry on low. Some amount of Shrinkage will occur as Organic Cotton is not treated with anti-shrinkage chemicals. Washing and Drying on high heat will increase the rate of shrinkage.


100% GOTS Certified Organic Single Jersey Cotton

GOTS Certified Non Toxic dye and print.
GOTS Certified production. GOTS Certification number CU829572

Country of Origin

Please note that Single Jersey is lighter fabric. Also "slightly" smaller in size, due to not being as stretchable as interlock.

MTAF Coordinating Colours - Mandarin red, opal

Kids ADORE the soft texture of this organic cotton. Parents LOVE the fun print and the attention to detail.

Made to be passed down to a younger sibling.

Duns Sweden makes colorful, unisex and high quality kids wear in 100% GOTS certified cotton and fully transparent production.

Size Info: Please measure your kiddo to ensure the proper fit

For clothing, measure from the top of the head to the floor