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Strong Readers Set B: Hummingbirds (L17)

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Level 17 Photography by Keith MacDonald; One page of illustrations by Bill Helin. Back cover book introduction: Hummingbirds are truly amazing birds. They can fly up, down, forward, backward and sideways! They can also stop in midair. They are the only bird that can fly backwards. Have you ever seen a hummingbird? What did you notice about the hummingbird you saw?

Educator & Series Information
Hummingbirds is part of the Strong Readers: Set B series. Set B is a continuation of Set A. The mixture of fiction and non-fiction books, from levels 11 through 20, expands on frog, bear, eagle, and raven, considering their full lifecycles.

The Strong Readers are a guided/leveled reading series chock full of science, numeracy, social responsibility, language arts and oral language teachings. Strong Readers are rich with scaffolded text features and have beautiful illustrations and photographs. The entire series is interconnected and follows the cultural values of frog, bear, eagle and raven throughout.

Guided Reading Level: 17

Additional Information
Book Dimensions: 6in x 9in | Pages: 16 | ISBN: 9781771740364