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Strong Learners Memory Matching and Life Cycle Cards: Salmon

Country of Origin


This card game provides two learning opportunities. Cards consist of six salmon species and the six life cycle stages of the salmon and a salmon crest image. On the salmon species cards students will see both the marine and spawning phase of the salmon on one card.

25 Cards – 1 Instructional Card and 2 each of the following:
• Eggs
• Fry
• Alevin
• Smolt
• Adult
• Spawner

• Chinook
• Chum
• Coho
• Pink
• Sockeye
• Steelhead

Educator Information
At Strong Nations, we strive to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all learners with our products. These cards support our book, From the Mountains to the Sea: We Are a Community.

Find Salmon Memory Matching Cards in French HERE!

Card Game Creator: Terri Mack

Additional Information
25 cards per set | ISBN: 459312860015