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Meet Frankie Jordan

A story about loving yourself and accepting the diversity and uniqueness of others.

Frankie is different from other kids. While they enjoy playing tag and riding bikes, Frankie prefers to spend her time imagining new things and sketching. In this story, kids will learn that it is okay to be different and that we should embrace the uniqueness of each individual.

Kim C. Lee is a children's book author from Maryland. An avid reader early on, Kim's love for writing developed while working through assignments in a high school English class. After having a son, Kim was moved to share her love of both reading and writing with him. This inspiration led to the creation of The Night Owl, her first children's book about a sweet little boy trying to evade sleep and Kim's decision to ocus on the creation of stories that are representative of African American children and the diverse perspectives from which they see and experience the world.In January 2021, Kim released her second book, "Meet Frankie Jordan". Presented from the viewpoint of a child, audiences are introduced to an amazing little girl who helps readers understand the importance and necessity of being true to oneself, recognizing the uniqueness in each individual, and accepting each person for who they are. When she is not writing or reading, Kim enjoys spending time with family and friends, advocating for literacy and STEM initiatives, and tinkering with the latest technologies.