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From the Mountains to the Sea: We Are a Community

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Each book in the series, From the Mountains to the Sea, supports the new BC Aboriginal Learning Standards in both Science and Social Studies.

Back of book introduction:
From the Mountains to the Sea: We Are a Community is a Grade 2 resource, which covers all of your Aboriginal Learning Standards in both science and social studies within the new BC curriculum.

This book is about a river. Most rivers start high up in the mountains. As the water comes downhill, it makes little pathways in the rocks and gravel. As the pathways get bigger, they join to make streams. When several streams join, they make a river. Some rivers have waterfalls and deep pools. In some places, fast moving water tumbles over rocks forming rapids. When a river leaves the mountain for flatter ground it starts to slow down. Eventually, a river ends when it flows into the sea. Where the fresh water and the salt water meet is an estuary. Have you ever been to an estuary?

The area in and around an estuary is a good place for plants, animals and people to live because we can all find food and water there. The salmon is an important food for many of us. Have you ever eaten salmon?

People have paid attention to the life cycle of salmon for thousands of years. We have learned that sometimes we can help salmon survive by building a salmon hatchery along a river. Some hatcheries are huge while others are quite small. Have you ever visited a salmon hatchery?

There are many sizes of rivers in the world. Some are wide. Some are narrow. Some are deep. Some are shallow. Do you live near a river? What plants and animals have you seen there?

This book is also part of a bundled package that includes:

  • a card game: matching and sequencing
  • a CD
  • bulletin board trimmers


Additional Information
Book dimensions: 10" x 14" | Pages: 16 | 

Language: English
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian;
Grade Levels: Grade 2