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A Kids Book About Incarceration

Incarceration is a BIG topic. Start the conversation early around the power of choices, consequences, justice, and growth.

What's Inside

Incarceration is a big word for a HUGE topic. It can bring up difficult questions and feelings—especially when it affects you directly. This book explores incarceration, crimes, and prison, as well as the power of choices. The author’s story highlights the impact of choices and how someone can grow, learn, and change the path they’ve been on. 

About the Author

Ethan Thrower is an alternative school social worker in Portland, Oregon, committed to social justice and restorative practices. He uses his own story of incarceration as a tool to discuss decision-making, resilience, and change.

Book Details

Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
ISBN: 9978-1-953955-58-6
Printed in the USA

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