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Adult Clothing Mystery Box

Adult Size

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Overwhelmed? Crunched for time? Can't narrow down your cart?

Or do you just love getting surprise packages in the mail?

Let us help with a Mystery Box!

What is a Mystery Box?

You provide us with some ideas about what you like/dislike and we'll pull together a package for you. It may be an outfit. It may be some items that will round out a wardrobe. 

You may receive items that 'fit like' the size you requested. For example, we have some dresses that run a size small or large.

Note: Promotional Codes do not apply to Mystery Boxes as they are already include more value than the price of the box. Any orders placed with a promo code will be cancelled (as Shopify does not allow us to exclude items from promo codes at this point in time).

Credit for this idea goes to @jackie_oliva (thank you so much!)