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Ocamora Arches and Grimms Rainbow Comparison

July 28, 2020 1 min read

Two fantastic companies with amazing products. Which one to choose?
Both are great and you cannot go wrong with either! There are some slight differences though, that we wanted to point out.
Ocamora: 2 sizes, 6 pc is larger than Grimms medium rainbow. 9 pc is slightly smaller - about an arch shorter and two arches less in width. 

Grimms: 3 sizes. Medium and Large are noted in this comparison. The Medium has the same amount of pieces as the Ocamora but is significantly smaller. 

Both companies offer great colour options but their finishes are slightly different. Ocamora has a more textured finish, enabling you to complete more tricky stacking configurations whereas Grimms is smoother which in turn makes stacking slightly more difficult. Both Ocamora arches work beautifully with the Grimms semi-circles.

The individual arches are thicker and heavier on the Ocamora. They are also shaped more consistently than Grimms which has more of a handmade look. This enables Ocamora arches to be stacked back into the rainbow either forward or backward. 

With all that in mind, there is a price difference between the two. You can shop all of our Rainbow/Tunnel/Arch style toys here.

o you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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