I'm a Dungarees Convert!

When I first encountered kids dungarees I was defintely in camp "those don't make sense".

But let's face it I'm on my second kiddo and I still can't get those damned crotch snap lined up properly on onesies and suits. And I end up with a baby who is tired of waiting mom. And who is rolling all over the floor while I try to do just one more snap. So I've admitted to myself that snaps are my nemesis.

And you know what? We're used to them on baby clothes because that's just what you do? But why do we do it? Have you ever thought it through? Do you, personally, care about those reasons? Do you care if a shirt rides up? Or if your baby looks unkempt?

Me? Nope, I realized that I don't care at all. I was basically fighting my kid into their clothes because that's what *I was supposed to do*. So I stopped.

I kind of felt the same way about dungarees until I tried them for myself. It seems counterintuitive - that they'd be more work. But I find it so much easier! You undo the buttons, take 'em down, change a diaper, and then back up they go. With no misaligned snaps. BOOM.

Even better, I love how versatile they are. In the summer you can wear them on their own. On colder days you can layer them with a t-shirt (or long sleeve shirt), so they last year round. And that is a huge win in my book!

Below I've paired the Dark Blue Umbrellas Dungarees from DUNS Sweden with a simple red shirt from More Than a Fling. Perfection! 

Dungarees Love

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Jana Reid

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