Gender Neutral Superheroes T-Shirt Mitz Accessories Kids Clothes – Modern Rascals

Gender Neutral Superheroes T-Shirt

$40.00 CAD

Unleash gender-equalities super powers with this amazing superhero dress!  To create this pattern, we asked ourselves, 'As a kid, what would be the superhero pattern you'd want to have most?'  We came up with 1.) The ability to run ridiculously fast, 2.) The ability to fly, and 3.) The ability to swim like a fish.  We know your kiddo will love this pattern also.

Material: Made from soft, Jersey Knit Cotton.

Sizing: These are a standard North American size, but can run short for those on the larger size. If you child is taller/has a bigger head I'd suggest going up a size.

Manufactured and Sewn in the USA.

Mitz Accessories is a modern company dedicated to finding practical solutions to everyday problems. Created in NYC, their designs reflect an urban landscape and the needs of a busy lifestyle.

In Mitz Accessories, you’ll find a range of products dedicated to quality craftsmanship and style with a gender equal focus.

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