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Modern Rascals

Rascals - Diverse 6 pc

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Rascals are a diverse bunch... they are tall and short... slim and wide... and come from all over the world. We wanted figures that represent the inclusivity of body types and races. We hope to enrich your child's play with our diverse Rascals set. There are three styles of Rascals and are compatible with accessories that fit Grapat Nin and Grimms Friends such as the convertible cars or mates (see picture - note that other toys are not included). 

Includes: 6 Rascals (3 Body Styles - 2 of each size)

Hand-stained with love by Jana in small batches(colour variation may happen due to the small-batch nature of our stains).



Proudly Canadian made with sustainably sourced Canadian Maple and finished with FDA approved non-toxic food-safe Linseed Oil. Due to the nature of natural wood, there will be colour and grain variations and no two products will be alike.