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Barefoot Book of Buddhist Tales, Paperback

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Explore the warmth, wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist tradition with these charming stories from India, China, Japan and Tibet. Gentle illustrations and an insightful foreword provide context for the tales that is helpful for those new to Buddhist thought. 80 pages in paperback format measuring approx. 10.4 x 8.5 inches . Written by Sherab Chodzin, Alexandra Kamala Kohn and Illustrated by Marie Cameron

For ages 6 - 10

Book printed using recycled paper & vegetable-based ink.

Tales include: The Living Kuan Yin, The Most Important Thing, The Man Who Didn't Want to Die, Useless Work, The Conch maiden, The Wisdom of Crows, The Stone Ape, Where Are You Going?, Angulimala the Brigand, Learning to Be Silent, Goodheart and the Goddess of the Forest, The Death of a Teacup, & The Foolish Boy.