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Christmas Gift Guide

All Our Christmas Outfit, Party Ready Dresses, and Stocking Stuffer Ideas in One Handy Place!

Christmas Outfits, including some special holiday prints from DUNS Sweden and Smafolk, as well as some coordinating basics. Also includes some perfect Party Dresses!
Socks! Socks make the Perfect Stocking Stuffers! And if your house is anything like ours, there are never enough to be found.


And by the time Christmas rolls around your kiddo has probably lost (at least) one! Another great (and practical) Stocking Stuffer!


Same goes for Cowls and Scarves!

And these KuKuKid triangle scarves are the prefect something extra for you, as a reward for all your time and effort planning and pulling off gift giving. I see your emotional labour.

Tights are the perfect Winter go to - they make a great base layer and prevent the dreaded sock-pant gap. Plus they can be wrapped up and tucked in a stocking!

When your Underwear is this Fun it counts as a present!



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