Summer Nature Table

The Nature Table helps children grasp the concept of the way nature changes in seasons. Clear out a small section of your home on a shelf or entryway table for your nature table - it can be as small or as large as you'd like! Decorating the nature table is fun and exciting for both parents and children and evolves as the season progresses. Your nature table can be a combination of decorations, photos, art, toys, and natural child found treasures (rocks, flowers, twigs, shells, seeds, etc). The nature table starts the conversation about the weather changes happening, how the animals and plants grow or hibernate, the celebrations or holidays coming up and even what clothing is appropriate to wear.

We have highlighted some amazing additions in our Summer Nature Table collection. You can use some of these decorations and toys to set the stage for the Summer season and create little areas for their small nature treasures found during their nature walks or simply just playing outside. We've picked warm hues, flourishing trees, and animals that thrive in the heat. 

A nature table is a place to proudly display the natural treasures found and children are delighted to observe, discuss, and learn. At the end of each season, you clear it off and start fresh, but before you do, be sure to take a photo! 

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