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Kitpas Bath Crayons - 3 pack - Red, Yellow, Gray

These unique Kitpas can be used to draw on wet surfaces and wiped clean when done.

- Set of 3 Kitpas for Bath (red, yellow, gray)
- Case with drainage hole
- Made of paraffin wax
- Non-toxic, safe for children
- Made in Japan

Product size: L 2 ⅞" x φ ¾" (L 75 x φ 22mm)
Package size: L 3 ⅞" x W 2" x H ¾" (L 100 x W 51 x H 20mm)
Package weight: 1.2oz (35g)

Safety Age Rating: 3+ years

Handling Precautions

  • Not suitable for children under three years of age. Small parts in this product may present choking hazards if swallowed. Adult supervision is recommended when small children (even over three years of age) use this product to make sure they do not put it into their mouths or eyes.
  • Drawings on rough, porous materials––such as chalkboards, walls, wood, paper, and furniture––are NOT erasable. 
  • Although Kitpas for Bath are designed to draw directly on wet surfaces and bathtubs, please DO NOT use Kitpas for Bath on BATHROOM WALLS or TILES. 

Erase after use: Any residue of color that remains on the surface for a long time may not be erasable. Therefore, we recommend that you erase the drawings thoroughly and wipe the water off. Wash away any color residue on the bathroom floor with water as well.

Always test on a small area first: Kitpas for Bath will stain some materials, such as wood, tile grout, vinyl, and some bathtub coatings. To avoid getting Kitpas on tile grout, where they are NOT erasable, please consider using the Kitpas Drawing Board, which is sold separately. Please test Kitpas for Bath on a small area in advance to make sure they wash off with a sponge and water. In the event that Kitpas get onto unerasable materials by accident, please try the following: Apply bathroom cleaner or chlorine bleach with a sponge or cloth––please follow the directions for the cleaning product. If the stain remains, contact your contractor or the bathtub manufacturer for further assistance.

Wax is the primary component that keeps Kiptas products intact. 

From the very beginning, Kitpas has been manufacturing our crayons using non-toxic paraffin wax typically used for lipsticks, candles, and fruit preservation to ensure the safety for toddlers, and children of all ages! Our newly enhanced Kitpas is now made out of pure food-grade rice bran wax produced from Japanese rice. 

 Safety is Our #1 Priority—Kitpas products are made with pure Japanese rice bran wax, which is now even more thoughtful and considerate of our customers, and the planet, and the makers who manufacture our products. 

 What makes rice wax a safe ingredient? 

User: Our crayons are petroleum-free and guarantee peace of mind for elders, and children of all ages. 

Planet: Recycling rice bran wax as our material helps eliminate food waste as rice bran is typically discarded after milling the rice. 

Maker: Melting rice wax generates less heat than paraffin wax during production, allowing for a more comfortable environment for the factory workers.