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The Bunting Tree

The Bunting Tree is a brand new clothing line designed in the UK and ethically made in India. It consists mostly of Emma, with lots of input from family, friends and professional freelancers along the way.

As the business progressed, Emma looked to out-source the making of her garments to an organic Printing and Production Centre in India. Doing this allows her to produce garments in larger quantities and focus on designing the fabrics herself.

All of The Bunting Tree fabric designs are created using painted tissue paper, which is cut into shapes and stuck onto paper to create individual graphics, these graphics are then arranged electronically to create our colourful designs – voilà!!

One of the best things is that The Bunting Tree won't be releasing seasonal ranges, but will regularly add to their collection of timeless, bright and bold garments which we believe are unique and gender neutral. This means that there will be less fashion waste, which is always a good thing!

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