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Card Holder

Country of Origin

Includes 1 cardholder (8" X 1/5") and Digital Download of Flashcards (Numerical, Alphabet, and Seasonal). Photos are shown with additional Modern Rascals products. The thicker grove of our cardholder allows materials up to approx .2" (.51 cm) thick. Use the included shimmy for thinner materials such as playing cards or printed flashcards.

Includes a cardboard shimmy for thinner cards and a 3 digital download flashcard sets (alphabet, numerical, seasonal (English/French/Spanish) - keep an eye out for an email. These are not physical flashcards.


Proudly Canadian made with sustainably sourced Canadian Maple and finished with FDA approved non-toxic food-safe Linseed Oil. Due to the nature of natural wood, there will be colour and grain variations and no two products will be alike.