I'm a Dungarees Convert!

When I first encountered kids dungarees I was definitely in the "those don't make sense" camp.

But let's face it I'm on my second kiddo and I still can't get those damned crotch snap lined up properly on onesies and suits. I'll have a baby who is rolling around on the floor while I'm trying to get JUST ONE MORE SNAP DONE and omg why am I so frustrated?

So I've admitted to myself that snaps just aren't my thing and are more than my tired brain can handle.

Why are there snaps on baby clothes? So shirts don't ride up?

I guess it's the Rascal in me but I'm not super fussed about what I'm supposed to do. Me, I realized that I don't care at all. I was fighting my kid into their clothes because that's what *I was supposed to do*. So I stopped.

I thought dungarees would be the same - that I'd be fighting to get them on and off. I was so stoked when I gave them a change and found that they were so much easier! You undo the buttons, take 'em down, change a diaper, and then back up they go. With no misaligned snaps. BOOM.

Even better, I love how versatile they are. In the summer you can wear them on their own. On colder days you can layer them with a t-shirt (or long sleeve shirt), so they last year round. And that is a huge win in my book!

Pair them with a basic shirt or mix and match with other prints. Because sometimes letting your kiddo wear their submarine shirt with their submarine dungarees is easier than getting into a power struggle over clashing prints.

Below I've paired the Dark Blue Umbrellas Dungarees from DUNS Sweden with a simple red shirt from More Than a Fling. Perfection! 

Dungarees Love

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Modern Rascals's Summer Faves Look Book!

We had our first *warm* day yesterday and I was so happy that I had a few pairs of shorts tucked away ready to go, because it was way too hot for pants for my kiddo!

I've been working on some of our summer faves and here's my easy breezy mix and match set. 

What does this summer look like? Retro 70's running shorts, bright colours that go with everything, and dungarees. Dungarees? Yup, we have them all they way up the an 8-9 and they are so comfy and easy wearing. Plus you can add a layer and they'll last all year.

Shop the look now using these handy links, or find our full summer collection here.

Modern Rascals Summer 2017 Faves

Modern Rascals Summer Faves


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